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SCNM Campus Expansion - Welcome/Enrollment Center


One of the main purposes of the new building is to make the lives of our students easier. 

Besides the new library, healthy cafe, fitness and yoga rooms, classrooms, study areas and other features that will benefit the students greatly, the new building will house the Welcome/Enrollment Services Center, a one-stop shop for all their needs. It will streamline service office operations, increase communication efficiency and consolidate steps between the various Student Affairs and Services Offices. The Welcome/Enrollment Center will coordinate campus offices that impact student enrollment including Admissions, Financial Aid, Registration, Career Services, and Advising. This system will provide for seamless, straightforward, and student-oriented systems and procedures.

It is our hope that the Welcome/Enrollment Services Center will create a seamless flow for students from the very beginning of admissions and financial aid to registration/records, to career counseling, graduation, and ultimately a long-term relationship with the College as Alumni. 

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