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SCNM Doctors Talk Hormones in INSIDER Video

SCNM Doctors Talk Hormones in INSIDER Video


Symptoms like anxiety, severe headaches, mood swings and fatigue seem to affect women today with more force and intensity than ever before. These issues are common signs of hormonal imbalance, and in a new video by Natural Products INSIDER, our doctors explain why stress could be a major contributing factor.

Dr. Katie Stage, ND and registered herbalist at the SCNM Medical Center, said women in particular tend to experience the negative effects of stress and hormonal imbalance.

“Stress is huge,” Dr. Stage told INSIDER. “Obviously stress affects men and women, but it seems like when we look at the studies, stress affects women’s bodies a little bit differently. It throws our hormones off much more – we’re just more exquisitely sensitive to stress.”

Luckily, women are realizing these symptoms are not normal, and naturopathic physicians offer several ways to help patients balance hormones in a safe, effective way.

For example, flaxseed and herbs such as vitex (monk’s pepper) may help women regulate hormones and manage the symptoms of imbalance. In addition, a variety of lifestyle modifications may help women relieve stress, reduce symptoms of hormonal imbalance and live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Learn more ways to find relief from hormonal imbalances by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Stage. New patients pay $74* and established patients pay just $49* for visits and follow-ups—no insurance needed.

Please email psr@scnm.edu or call 480.428.3232 with any questions.

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