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Take the Paleo Challenge at SCNM!



Paleo Instructor Guillermo Ruiz

Think you have what it takes to enter SCNM’s first-ever Paleo Challenge?

Sign up now and dive head-first into a 30-day Paleo experience, where you’ll get the support and resources to help you achieve your health, wellness and weight-loss goals.

The challenge package includes:

  • Pre- and post-lab work*  
  • Two-week recipe menu
  • 15-minute Paleo doctor consult
  • One-month free pass to CrossFit Tempe
  • Free supplementation
  • Appropriate recommendations for in-depth assessments (if needed)
  • A motivated support system of fellow challenge participants
  • Weekly motivational videos/texts/emails/articles
  • Paleo potluck during the last meeting

Plus, you may finally discover why other diets have not been working for you, as 100-percent of this challenge focuses on customization. We have assembled a team of Paleo experts dedicated to helping YOU succeed.

Register here to reserve your spot!

*Lab work package: complete blood count (related to anemia and acute/chronic infections), complete metabolic panel (a blood glucose snapshot), cholesterol levels (to assess risks such as insulin resistance and heart disease), high sensitivity C-reactive protein (indicates inflammation in the body), fasting insulin (showing number of carbohydrates the body can effectively process) 

Start date (EXTENDED): June 17

Upon registration, our Paleo instructor will call for a one-on-one discussion on how to make this program work for you.

The challenge is limited to 15 people, so sign up quickly!

Also check out our online exclusive Paleo class taught by Guillermo Ruiz, a third year naturopathic medical student who recently guest-starred on The Paleo Solution Podcast. Guillermo discusses how to select the right diet for your body, and the tools needed to begin a Paleo lifestyle.

View our videos here:


Questions? Please email Dr. Forrest Beck, ND, at f.beck@scnm.edu.