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SCNM Campus Expansion - Building the Foundation


The construction crews have done quite a bit of work since our Groundbreaking Ceremony last week! The crews chalked out the layout of the building and dug the footings accordingly. 


Then the rebars (short for reinforcing bars), used as a tension device to strengthen and hold concrete in compression, were installed in the footings. The verts (vertical rebars) will go all the way to the roof of the new building, staggered throughout the entire height. In the picture below, the biggest hole in the middle is for the elevator pit. The rest of the holes are anchor bolts for the pillars in the new building. 


Below is a sample diagram of one of the footings, showing the rebars, concrete, ground and pillar. After all the rebars were set up on the work site, a concrete truck came in to fill up the footings. 


Here are ground and aerial views of the concrete filled in:

Foundation4.png Foundation5.png

Now that a solid foundation has been built, there's nowhere to go but up! We are so excited to see this building grow!