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SCNM Campus Expansion - Compaction and Staking the Work Site


We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years celebration! 2014 is going to be a big year for our SCNM Campus Expansion--we are so excited!


The crews spent the holiday break going back and forth over the work site with their tractors in order to compact the ground. They have completed the installation of retention pipes, interceptor and two drywells underneath. Per regulation, the ground has to have a compaction rate of 95% -- the crews achieved a 98-99% compaction rate. The compaction test was done by Speedie and Associates, who will be testing samples of concrete, grout, welding, asphalt and everything else throughout this whole build process to ensure everything is according to regulations. 


After the compaction, it was time to stake out the work site according to the field map (pictured below). The ground on the work site is actually 8-inches lower than the completed building's floor will be. The crews will be pouring a 4-inch AB layer of gravel, sand and dirt, then another 4-inches of concrete on top.