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SCNM Campus Expansion - Interior Framework Begins


It's been a couple weeks since we've had an update regarding construction, so get ready for a lot of pictures! 


We wondered about the grey brick on the exterior -- will it be exposed when the building is done? Nope -- as you can see in the plans, grey brick is exposed where it is labeled "mech unit" in horizontally-lined areas. These grey brick parts do not lay flush with the rest of the plum-and-tan mortar. They lay a few inches shallow, allowing room for metal slabs to go over it. 


In our last update, the interior was covered with scaffolding. 


Since then, most of it has been removed because the crews are moving onto the next stage of the process: interior framework!


We took a peek up into the elevator shaft... 


The first weekend of March brought heavy rains to the Valley of the Sun, and the construction site was left muddy and wet. That first Monday, the crews were expecting to install columns, but due to the puddles and loose ground, they delayed it a couple of days. 


In true Arizona fashion, the sun came out again and the crews began work again in the beautiful March weather. Up went the columns! 


The next step is for the girders, pictured laying on the ground on the top left, to be placed all along the 2nd floor as a roof. The construction crews are preparing the brackets on the wall that the girders will be placed on.