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SCNM Campus Expansion - Retention Pipe



The construction crews are digging a hole for the installation of a retention pipe, 6 feet in diameter, that would feed water from the site into a 200 foot long drywell with a 10 foot diameter. This is necessary to store runoff water and reduce peak discharge by allowing flow to be discharged later at a controlled rate, and within a reasonable time. Within the drywell will be two separate sections -- the smaller one is called the interceptor, which will be about 25-30ft deep. The main section on the other side of the retention pipe will be 100 feet deep and the water that collects in this section goes back into the water table underneath the property.


Due to the size of the site, the construction crews are laying down the retention pipe zone by zone. This section of the site will take about 2 weeks to complete. Once it's done, the crews will rearrange the fences and site to work on other sections of the site. This is to ensure and accommodate the SCNM community's ability to move around the campus.