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SCNM Campus Expansion - Wall Update



The walls have risen overnight it seems! The construction crews are already almost to the second floor of the new building's wall.


Starting from the top left going clockwise:

1. Mortar is spread onto the existing wall to make way for the new brick being laid

2. There is a thin thread-like material that borders the entire wall -- can't really see it though in the picture. The brick is laid within the thread and aligned with the others. 

3. The brick is fit snuggly into its place.

4. The mortar that has squeezed out is scraped off from all sides

5. A level is used to make sure the brick is aligned well horizontally

6. The same is done with the level but vertically.

WallUpdate3.png WallUpdate4.png WallUpdate5.jpg

Here is a time lapse over the past week showing how quickly the building has grown!