Spring 2012

Spring 2012

Now Available: Spring 2012 Issue of SCNM Now

The Spring 2012 issue of SCNM’s bi-annual publication, SCNM Now, is now available online. 

Featured Articles:

  1. The Art of Aging Gracefully - Preventative medicine is the most powerful form of anti-aging...but what does one do when that balance is off?
  2. Field Observation Program - SCNM's innovative curriculum redefines ND education. First-year students shadow practicing NDs in new, trailblazing program
  3. Community Outreach: Balsz Educare Arizona Center for Health - SCNM partners with Educare Arizona to offer pediatric care in the Balsz School District for low-income families
  4. Immune Boosting Tips to Fight the Flu

Additionally, you can read an alumni profile on Drs. Sam and Cathy Walker and their clinic, Centro de Salud, a medical center patient success story, student profiles, and more. To view the whole issue digitally, click here.