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Thrive Classes

Energy, health and empowerment through community programming.

The SCNM Thrive community education program offers a wide variety of non-credit healthcare classes and courses that encompass natural methods to help feed your mind, body and soul. Enjoy affordable, fee-based quality classes offered by an accredited educational institution in a new, state-of-the-art building. All classes are available to the general public.

Announcement: The SCNM Thrive program will not be offering on-campus courses during spring or summer 2016. We are re-evaluating the program and hope to announce new programming within the next year. It is our hope that the combined spirit of creativity, outreach and passion for well-being will continue on in a new form of community education programming through Thrive.

Thrive ed2go
Online Thrive courses* cover topics such as personal development, enrichment and business.

*Classes are for community education only. Credits will not transfer to a degree program.

To enroll in an online Thrive class through ed2go, click here!