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National Doctors' Day

What a Career in Naturopathic Medicine Has Provided Me

To all the naturopathic doctors in the world, SCNM gives its gratitude and appreciation for your commitment to the profession. The path to becoming a naturopathic doctor isn’t easy, but your strength, love, and expertise will continue to shape the future of medicine and health care. Continue reading to explore a few of SCNM’s alumni perspectives on what a career in naturopathic medicine has provided them.



An Incredible Platform to Heal

SCNM | Dr. Steven Sorr

“Becoming a naturopathic physician has provided me with an incredible platform to help people achieve better health inside and out. As a healthcare provider, naturopathic medicine integrates a wide scope of practice both natural and pharmaceutical so that a personalized treatment plan can be customized for the patient vs a cookie-cutter method.”

– Steven Sorr, NMD



A Part of an Ever-Growing Profession

SCNM | Dr. Anglow

“A career in naturopathic medicine has provided me the opportunity to heal myself but also serve and heal my patients. Taking time with patients and seeing them change and take an active role in their health journey is truly exciting. I’m a doctor, but also a cheerleader and other times just someone who lends an ear to listen to their challenges. It’s a privilege to be a physician driven by belief that healing is in nature and I’m honored to be part of this ever-growing profession.”

– Daisey Anglow, ND




Helping Those in Chronic Pain

SCNM | Dr. Timmermans

“A career in naturopathic medicine has allowed me the opportunity to fully live  out my passion of helping people who are suffering from chronic pain. It has provided me with a deep sense of fulfillment, something that I feel on a daily basis.”

– Drew Timmermans, ND




The Gift of Witnessing Miracles

SCNM | Dr. Nagall

“Naturopathic medicine has given me the gift of witnessing miracles so often that they are common day experiences now.”

– Sharon Stills, ND




Helping Patients Through Cancer Treatment

SCNM | Dr. Paulson

“Being a naturopathic doctor has opened the doors to study natural and tribal medicine from all over the world. Peru, Indonesia, the Pacific Islands, and within the United States. I love bringing this healing knowledge back to my patients to help them through their cancer treatments.”

– Heather Paulson, ND




Bringing an IV Suite to People’s Homes

“Naturopathic medicine has provided me a great sense of purpose as I focus my time visiting patients too ill to leave their homes and doing my best to provide them the exceptional healthcare they deserve.”

– Marcus Shams, NMD




Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul

SCNM | Dr. Wright

“Being a naturopathic doctor has given me the incredible and fulfilling opportunity to empower patients to heal their mind, body and soul.”

– Berlin Wright, ND




Helping Entrepreneurs and Professionals End Burnout

SCNM | Dr. Ramanan

“As a former Wall Street professional turned naturopathic physician and emotional health mentor, I help high-achieving entrepreneurs and professionals end burnout. My training in naturopathic medicine has provided me the ability to help my community build emotional health not just from a personal development viewpoint but also with science-based, lifestyle medicine practices.”

– Karthik Ramanan, NMD




Sharing My Love for Humanity

SCNM | Dr. O'Connell

“A career is simply a tool, a conduit through which I can share my love for humanity, which originates from my relationship with Christ. All I want in this life is for people to know how unconditionally loved they are. Offering healing is a deeply personal and tangible way to show that love and my naturopathic medical career affords me this precious opportunity.”

– Rachael O’Connell, ND




Educating in the Classroom and Treating in the Clinic

SCNM | Dr. Nagallo“A career in naturopathic medicine gave me the platform to shift the wellness paradigm in the clinic and classroom all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.”

– Krisel Nagallo, NMD