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Q & A with Debbi Taylor

ND Career Outlook

Is there a demand for naturopathic doctors?

The Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical College’s (AANMC’s) message about the job outlook for naturopathic doctors is strong and clear—the future is bright! In fact, healthcare is one of the fastest growing fields. The naturopathic medicine outlook alone is projected to increase 10% each year. From legislative progress that is increasing access to naturopathic doctors to the growing recognition of naturopathic medicine throughout the United States and Canada, there are various factors contributing to the growing demand for NDs. Read more about the career outlook of naturopathic doctors by visiting the AANMC’s website.


What can I do with an ND degree? Where do NDs work?

Common next steps for graduates of our ND program include joining a group practice, completing a residency, and establishing one’s own private practice. Over 50% of naturopaths own their own business. That said, there are many different career paths or employment settings available to those with an ND degree, including the following: solo private practice; group practice; academia (university/college); publishing/freelance writing/speaking; natural products/consumer products company; nonprofit organization; consulting business; community health clinic; research; and others. To learn more about employment settings for ND graduates as described in the “AANMC 2020 Graduate Success and Compensation Study,” click here.


Debbi Taylor is the Career Services Manager and supports new students and graduates as they venture through their career.


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