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2022 NPLEX Scores

The NPLEX (Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examinations) is the examination that graduates of an approved naturopathic medical college must pass to be eligible for licensure in any of the 16 states or 5 provinces that license/register naturopathic physicians. SCNM students have significantly outscored the average all-school pass rate since 2016. NPLEX preparation is part of the Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine Degree Program. NPLEX Part 1 focuses on biomedical sciences and is typically taken after the second year of coursework.The second part is focused on Core Clinical Sciences and is taken after graduation.

NPLEX Part I Examination

First Time Test Takers Pass Rate

SCNM – 73%
All Schools – 47% (SCNM accounts for 20% of this number)

NPLEX Part II Examination

First Time Test Takers Pass Rate

SCNM – 82%
All Schools – 71% (SCNM accounts for 24% of this number)

A Message from the Dean


SCNM | Dr. Jessica MitchellI wanted to take this opportunity to share the good news with you and thank you all for your continued dedication to our student education. While we always hope for a 100% pass rate, given the strain and disruption the pandemic caused to these students’ education, I am incredibly pleased with our results. Our community’s perseverance and resilience in the face of this challenge continues to amaze me. Our faculty’s flexibility, ingenuity, and commitment to their student’s education make their success possible.

Dr. Jessica Mitchell


We Are Resilient

SCNM is dedicated to our Core Values: we love, we shape the future, we are resilient, we achieve excellence, & we do the right thing. These scores reflect the resilience of our students and the drive to achieve excellence despite the adversity caused by the COVID19 pandemic. It’s inspiring to see future naturopaths with such dedication to the healing power of nature.

We see the passion is takes to be a naturopathic doctor, so we strive for quality education that leans into your purpose. Including NPLEX test prep in the Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine Degree Program, allows future doctors to be confident in their knowledge and best prepare for success. With quality education nurturing passion, it’s no wonder why our students achieve excellence. Are you ready to harness the healing power of nature?