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Academic Affairs

Our goal is to prepare you for a successful career as a naturopathic physician.

SCNM's Academic Affairs Department oversees the delivery of our rigorous and innovative academic program and supports faculty by fostering their development and success in their teaching, scholarship, and service roles. Academic Affairs works closely with other departments to assure that our regional and program-specific accredited academic program prepares our diverse student population for service as health care providers to empower individuals and communities to achieve optimum health. Members of the Academic Affairs Department collaborate with campus colleagues to set academic policies, implement academic strategic plans, promote and support campus-wide academic initiatives, and provide oversight for budgetary and development priorities.

Our curriculum is about content and effective delivery. Our outstanding faculty members provide you a strong education in the basic medical sciences, clinical sciences, and clinical practice while also training you in natural therapies and naturopathic philosophy. Teaching methodologies like team-based learning, proven effective in medical education, are utilized to help you develop your critical-thinking skills. 

We not only support your success in SCNM’s pre-clinical and clinical curricula, we also help you prepare for the national licensing exams and for life as a successful physician.  In addition to basic science capstone courses and clinical milestone exams, SCNM has integrated NPLEX preparatory courses at the end of the second and fourth years. We developed our program based on the best available evidence for graduating successful doctors. We provide field observation experiences, rotations through the medicinary and laboratory, and opportunities to shadow community physicians.  As part of your education, SCNM ensures meaningful clinical training experiences using standardized patients, development labs to enhance your clinical skills, and patient care opportunities with a diverse population.

  • Academic Assessment

    Academic assessment is a continuous process designed for understanding, supporting, and improving student learning. It is an outcomes-based approach, where key aspects of student learning and development are aligned through the institution, program and course levels.

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