Career Paths

Many professional opportunities await you in naturopathic medicine….One of the benefits of becoming a naturopathic physician is the ability to tailor your career to fit your lifestyle. Work in a clinical practice, perform research, consult with a nutraceutical company or do corporate health coaching…the world is your oyster! You can create your career and lifestyle.


Most graduates want to immediately go into practice and you’ll have some options.

  • General medicine: You might want to practice general family practice where you will treat anyone that walks into the door. Colds and flus, complex cancer cases, asthma, skin conditions, ear infections…everyone and everything.
  • Focused practices: Or, you might want to specialize in a particular disease such as diabetes, cardiac issues or a population group such as pediatrics, women’s or men’s health, or even sports medicine. Ask yourself “what is my passion?”…make that your practice.

Work on NIH-funded projects (there are several) and qualify for student loan repayment, work for a nutraceutical company as a director of research, or perform clinical research in your clinic.

Natural Products/Nutraceutical Development

Consider working at a nutraceutical manufacturer as a medical educator, product developer, product researcher, or marketing and communications professional.

Media/Medical Communications

Like to write? Want to be an author?  Write for websites, magazines, newspapers blogs and nutraceutical companies. Publish your own book!  Love public speaking?  Travel the world and spread the word about natural medicine. There are NDs who specialize in television and radio appearances. 

Public Health

Get involved with the U.S. public health system or global public health.  U.S. public health agencies are interested in naturopathic medicine because of the focus on prevention. To pursue this type of position, it is recommended that you get a master’s degree in public health in addition to your ND degree.


With your doctorate of naturopathic medicine, you can teach at any ND college as well as any university, college, community college, allied health school, conventional medical school or online educational institution. You can do this either full-time or part-time.