SCNM natural Advantage program

SCNM Natural Advantage program

SCNM recently finished the fourth administration of their Natural Advantage program, an innovative pre-matriculation program that prepares new students for the rigors of medical school. SCNM is the first to offer such a program among the accredited naturopathic medical schools, modeled after similar programs offered at top-tier allopathic medical schools.

Before the school year begins, the incoming new students are encouraged to apply for Natural Advantage. Participating students gain a foundation in basic sciences that is critical to their success in the first year, develop academic skills that are needed for medical school, and build early connections with fellow students, faculty and staff. The program is led by basic sciences professor Dr. John Schmidt and alumnus Dr. Kelly Clough. Throughout the program, additional guest lecturers from the college and medical center share their knowledge on how to optimize the students’ experience in medical school.

Students have found the experience invaluable to their naturopathic medical school experience. One student shared her thoughts on the program: “The Natural Advantage program really helped ease the stress and anxiety I felt about starting school again. It taught me how to take concerns I had about medical school and turn them into opportunities and benefits. It’s given me the skills and tools I need to be a successful student and I feel prepared to start learning about this amazing medicine."

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