Consider a residency as your on-the-job training. Although not required to practice in all states, a residency is a perfect way to take your medical knowledge and clinical experience into practice in a mentored environment. Work with, and learn from, highly-skilled, seasoned faculty in SCNM’s cutting-edge medical center, the Pain Relief Center, at extended sites throughout the Phoenix area and with doctors in private practice. Last year, each of SCNM’s residents saw more than 1,300 patients as part of the program.

Why an SCNM Residency?

  • Receive hands-on training and lectures from NDs in a personal setting
  • See a variety of patients under the guidance of experienced practitioners
  • Present grand rounds and write articles for journals
  • Work in our research department on patient case studies and conduct human subject trials
  • Explore practicing in specialty areas such as pediatrics, women’s medicine, men’s health, dermatology, orthopedics, geriatric medicine and cardiology

What Residencies are Available?

Currently, we offer five one-year residencies in general medicine for post-graduate year one candidates, as well as three second-year residencies in general medicine and one second-year residency in community medicine.

We also have CNME-approved residency opportunities at affiliated sites, including:

Centro de Salud Familiar (Phoenix)
An acute-care setting

This two-year residency provides the graduate with a fast-paced acute family medicine environment and the opportunity to study and use the Spanish language. The clinic averages 40 to 50 patients per day, of which 85 percent speak Spanish. The vast majority are working, uninsured, primarily Hispanic patients. Approximately 60 percent of the visits are for gynecology or prenatal care. The resident will also provide care for pediatric patients and do minor surgery procedures weekly. At least 70 percent of the residents’ training will be in primary care medicine.

Alaska Center for Natural Medicine (Fairbanks, Alaska)
A naturopathic family practice

The Alaskan program is designed to build on skills learned in school with an emphasis on health optimization. Patient participants are treated by the resident doctor, who follows an established protocol under the guidance of the residency director. Protocols may include lab testing, metabolic typing, nutritional counseling and the use of supplements. The goal of the residency program is to cultivate confidence in new doctors, help them become entrepreneurs, and set them up for a lifetime of success.

Revolution Health Medical Center (Phoenix)
An acupuncture and naturopathic primary care clinic

This residency program is designed to advance a resident in his or her acupuncture and naturopathic primary medical skills. Residents are trained under three highly-skilled naturopathic practitioners. The Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine Center emphasizes the promotion of wellness and the prevention of disease by employing natural therapies such as botanical medicine, nutrition, physical medicine and acupuncture. 

Redirect Health (Scottsdale, Arizona)
A corporate wellness and primary care center

Arrowhead Health Center (AHC) is a comprehensive integrated health center with NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home Level 3 Recognition. AHC has recently opened a new practice, Redirect Health, which focuses on treating patients over-the-phone or in-person if indicated. AHC and Redirect health have all of the specialty programs and resources that a patient would need under one roof. AHC is committed to helping ND residents learn how to play important and relevant roles inside an integrative health center model, thereby increasing future opportunities for NDs in integrated healthcare. Residents will gain an understanding of how to integrate ND principles inside the integrative health center model.

Sedona Wellness Retreat (Sedona, Arizona)
An inpatient medical care practice

The Sedona Wellness Retreat focuses on treating chronic conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and autoimmune concerns. A resident practicing here will gain experience using nutrition and many other naturopathic modalities, including hydrotherapy, botanical medicine, homeopathy, manipulation, acupuncture, neural therapy and nutrient IVs to treat and prevent chronic medical concerns.

Dr. Garrett Wdowin (Corona Del Mar, California)
An integrative medical center

Dr. Wdowin’s medical center focuses on individualized integrative medical care for his patients. He uses a focus on nutrition, environmental medicine, genetics and hormones. Residents will continue their training utilizing many naturopathic modalities

Dr. Doni Wilson (Stamford, Connecticut)
Naturopathic primary care

Dr. Doni practices in three locations within Connecticut and New York, delivering specialized naturopathic care based on the “The Stress Remedy Approach.” This approach includes system-based naturopathic medicine, epigenetics and the science of psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology, and turns it into a system that helps patients with varying health conditions, from autoimmunity and IBS, to anxiety, insomnia, hypothyroidism, fertility issues, allergies and chronic infections. This program allows her residents to go beyond primary care to uncover the root cause of illness, while also crafting individual programs that guide the body back to health. 

Integrative Health (Scottsdale, Arizona)
A naturopathic primary care clinic

Integrative Health is a thriving practice with four primary care physicians specializing in endocrinology, sports medicine, gastroenterology, pain management and environmental medicine. This program allows residents to see primary care patients and focus on many different therapies, such as hormone replacement, thyroid disease diagnosis and management, adrenal disorders, environmental medicine, nutrition and IV therapy.