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Roger P. Dilts Jr., PhD

Associate Professor of Basic Medical Sciences

Director, Division of Human Studies

Dr. Dilts received his doctoral degree at Washington State University where he pioneered functional anatomical techniques, to delineate the localization of opioid receptors within reward pathways in the central nervous system in the laboratory of Dr. Peter Kalivas. He subsequently held positions at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University and The Medical College of Virginia before joining Amylin Pharmaceuticals.  At Amylin, Dr. Dilts was a discovery scientist involved with the development of two novel drugs for diabetes, Symlin and Byetta.  After creating and operating a B&B on the Big Island of Hawaii, Dr. Dilts has focused on the advancement of underrepresented peoples within the biomedical sciences and medicine, as well as more effective teaching strategies while serving as a faculty member at Salish Kootenai College, Fort Lewis College, The College of New Jersey and Colorado State University – Pueblo, before joining the faculty at SCNM.  Lastly, Dr. Dilts is a Irlen Syndrome screener, and available to assist those that may be affected.