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Environmental Medicine

environmental medicine training

Our exposure to potentially harmful substances grows each year.

Heavy metals like mercury in fish, hormones added to beef, pork and poultry, endocrine disruptors found in plastics and cosmetics, comprise only a small percentage of the tens of thousands of chemicals Americans encounter on a regular basis. Unfortunately, most of these have never been tested on human beings.

Ten years ago, we created the SCNM Department of Environmental Medicine to educate students, treat patients, and help create and share information with the public. With some of the leading experts in the field as fulltime and visiting professors, SCNM medical students have the opportunity to study the environment’s role in human health. Our Department of Environmental Medicine combines current research with basic naturopathic principles to provide students and patients a modern yet grounded approach to patient care.

We designed our academic medical center with the most comprehensive and safest facilities to assist patients in the detoxification process. A spacious suite for intravenous therapy (including chelation) complements the wing that houses saunas, a steam room and specially-created constitutional and colon hydrotherapy rooms. As a student, you'll work closely with supervising licensed physicians to assist patients compromised by environmental agents regains their health.

The naturopathic approach to patients with environmentally-mediated illnesses comprises more than detoxification. Removing environmental toxins plus powerful naturopathic treatments like clinical nutrition, acupuncture, hydrotherapy and homeopathy, can promote self-healing through the healing power of nature, the Vis Medicatrix Naturae. As a student at SCNM, you will learn to apply naturopathic principles to create comprehensive, holistic and individualized patient treatment plans.