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Charlotte Audet

Admissions Representative - Advises candidates with last names N-Z
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480.858.9100 ext. 210 phone
888.882.7266 ext. 210 toll-free

Get to Know Charlotte:

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite thing about SCNM: My top favorite thing about SCNM is that we provide a well-rounded medical education that is integrated and progressive. NDs graduating from our program have the knowledge, speak the language and may apply the practice of current allopathic medicine; however, they also utilize a wide-scope of medical therapies, including cutting edge “whole”listic medicine.

Why I love naturopathic medicine: When you read the six principles of naturopathic medicine, they express what I love about the practice. The most important principle is: “First, do no harm.” 

Why I love what I do: I work with great people—both my SCNM team members and all my prospective students! I love the opportunity to help conscientious, good-hearted people become primary care physicians. To me, this means being an active part of changing this world for the better, and that gives me great personal joy.

Something unique about me: I grow organic food and am passionate about nutrition!

My favorite restaurant near SCNM: Little India in Tempe! It’s a little no-frills eatery and market with some of the best vegetarian India Chaat I’ve tasted! Yum!

My favorite thing to do in Arizona: Hiking! All the trails at South Mountain, as well as Peralta Trail near Gold Canyon, Arizona, are my favorites. Also, I love to take day trips to nearby small towns, such as Jerome (a historic ghost town) in Arizona.

If I had a catchphrase, it would be: One line from the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, “… and I, I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference.”