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Federal and Institutional Policies

Financial Aid Code of Conduct

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine complies with, administers, enforces and prominently publishes on its website the Financial Aid Code of Conduct. The Financial Aid Code of Conduct is reviewed annually by officers, employees and agents who have a responsibility with federal student loans.  

For more information, click here for the Arizona Student Loan Code of Conduct.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

Students are monitored at the end of each quarter and at the end of every calendar year.  Failure to meet SCNM requirements may result in a loss of financial aid eligibility. Please refer to our SCNM catalog to view SAP and Academic Policies.

Withdrawal and Refund Policies

SCNM applies the same federal guidelines for pro-rate refunds to all student refund calculations as those applied to students receiving federal financial aid. The federal guidelines for financial aid refunds are determined on the basis of the student’s withdrawal date and the length of the session. The length of the session is calculated from the first day of instruction through final exams of the registered session(s) and excludes any breaks of five days or more. After the 60% completion point of the term, 0% tuition and fees are refunded. Further information on SCNM’s withdrawal and refund policies may be viewed through SCNM catalog.

Need more information?

Contact the financial aid staff at finaid@scnm.edu or call us at 480.222.9202