Meet Gigi

Meet Gigi

Gehan “Gigi” Naser-Ahmed

Quarter/Year: Q6, second year

Hometown: Roselle Park, New Jersey

Favorite thing about SCNM: SCNM has an awesome, supportive community. I graduated from Rutgers University, which totals 60,000 students in all three state campuses. I attended the largest campus, with 40,000 students at my campus alone. I love how SCNM is a tightknit family, yet welcoming to new students and staff. Given the smaller size, communication between staff members and departments is more efficient, which best supports the students and their needs. 

Favorite restaurant or hangout near campus: Arizona is a foodie’s heaven! So far, my favorite restaurant is Oregano’s, a 1950s-themed Italian pizzeria— Jersey girl approved!

Campus involvement: I am passionate to serve veterans upon graduation from SCNM, which has led me to create a Student Veterans of America chapter, where I currently operate as the chapter’s vice president. Eager to create positive change, I spearheaded the creation of a Student Veterans of America (SVA) Chapter at SCNM.

On Veterans Day 2015, SVA-NMSA celebrated its first "Vis for Vets" celebration at SCNM. Despite operating as a new SVA Chapter, our SVA-NMSA chapter is already accomplishing significant goals at SCNM, as well as within the broader veteran community. SCNM is the first Arizona medical school and first naturopathic medical school to adopt an SVA chapter. The future is bright!

In addition to my SVA involvement, I am a member of the SGA board as the AANP student representative, Naturopathic Advocacy Awareness Team (N-ACT) board member as the integrative Medicine Chair, marketing assistant, and student ambassador. I recently embarked on my first Naturopaths Without Borders trip to Rocky Point, Mexico.  SCNM offers an amazing variety of hands-on learning opportunities for students.  

Something unique about you:  My full birth name consists of six words. Combined with my nickname, I’ve got seven words attached to my name! 

Modality/population area of interest: I aspire to work within the VA healthcare system and increase access to naturopathic medicine for the veteran community. They deserve the best for their hard work and sacrifices! I am interested to learn more about pain management, mind-body medicine, biofeedback, homeopathy and environmental medicine.   

Why you love naturopathic medicine: Naturopathic medicine has changed my life and the lives of my family members. Naturopathic medicine empowers people by educating individuals to remove barriers that prevent their healing ... It’s so exciting to hear my family share updates regarding their newfound energy, improved sleep, digestion, etc. What’s not to love about naturopathic medicine? It’s truly amazing!

What you love about Arizona: Beyond the sunny weather, I love how the Arizona community is generally more active and vibrant compared to other states I’ve lived in. I love seeing bikers on the road and the abundant presence of local farmers markets. Arizona’s sunshine and overall healthier community helped me feel at home, right from the start.