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Meet Rachel

Student amb Rachael.jpg

Name: Rachel Hesselbrock     

Quarter/Year: Fourth year

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Favorite thing about SCNM: I am surrounded by people who have common interests. I can come to campus and know that if I’m interested in something, I can easily find someone who shares the same interest and bounce ideas off of each other.  And also the people. Everyone here is amazing and helpful in every way, which is AWESOME!

Favorite restaurant or hangout near campus: Thirsty Lion in Tempe Marketplace

Campus involvement: Student ambassador, Hubi TA, anatomy lab manager, peer mentor

Something unique about you: I have a serious obsession with space, and I would give anything to be an astronaut! 

Modality/population area of interest: Homeopathy, acupuncture, physical medicine, mind-body medicine  

Why you love naturopathic medicine: I love naturopathic medicine because I get to learn so many different ways to treat things. I don’t have to limit myself to using only one modality for every patient, but I can pick from an array of treatment options to make it more individualized for the patient.  

What you love about Arizona: The weather!!! Seriously, it’s so beautiful all the time.