Meet Sam

Student amb Sam.jpg

Name: Samantha Meraz

Quarter/Year: Q10, third year

Hometown: Indio, California

Favorite thing about SCNM: I love that there is a gym on campus for me to break a sweat in between classes.

Favorite restaurant or hangout near campus: Thrive Acai Bowl

Campus involvement: I am the current Student Government Association president. I’m involved highly in the business and public speaking club. I am also a student ambassador.

Something unique about you: I can be found more often at Home Depot than at the mall or grocery store. 

Modality/population area of interest: Acupuncture, prolotherapy, nutrition and IV therapy.

Why you love naturopathic medicine: I love that naturopathic medicine goes deeper into a patient’s history than any other profession. I love how naturopathic medicine supports the body’s processes instead of blocking them, and most importantly, I love how naturopathic medicine actually heals people.

What you love about Arizona: I love the heat and the welcoming community here at SCNM!