Meet Tanya

Student amb Tanya.jpg

Name: Tanya Morin

Quarter/Year: Q10, third year

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Favorite thing about SCNM: My favorite thing about SCNM is the sense of community at the school. From your peers, to teachers, to doctors (and everyone in between), everyone is here to support you on your medical school journey. SCNM is my home away from home.

Favorite restaurant or hangout near campus: There are way too many places to pick! I am always switching it up! There is 24 Carrots if I am looking for a green juice or a plant-based meal, Cartel for coffee, Princess for something quick, or Delice Bistro for a light lunch and studying! I don’t have a particular place per se.

Campus involvement: In addition to being a student ambassador, I am currently the president of Naturopaths Without Borders. I have been involved with NWB since my first quarter at SCNM. NWB has allowed me to learn more about (and experience) the medicine we learn here. It keeps me grounded in my studies and is a continual reminder of what I am here to do. I also do public relations for Naturopathic Society, which is a club that focuses on nature cure modalities. Additionally, I am involved with tutoring, as well as research!

Something unique about you: My name is actually pronounced TAN-ya! Like black and tan. Or “Ya! I got a tan!” I also recently discovered that I can’t wink with my right eye – only my left!

Modality/population area of interest: My main modality is homeopathy, but I also am really interested in botanicals, hydrotherapy and acupuncture! I love working with children and mental health.

Why you love naturopathic medicine: I love naturopathic medicine because it is so versatile. There are all these tools and modalities we can use to improve health and eliminate disease. It allows for an individualized patient-centered approach to healthcare. What you give patient A for an ailment may be completely different from patient B, but in the end, both will produce results. The results obtained will also treat the underlying cause of illness, instead of just covering it up. I also love that as I have gone through the program with my classmates, everybody’s individual interests have developed and everyone has found their niche. This is truly a unique profession!

What you love about Arizona: My favorite thing about Arizona is the fact that I can study beside my pool in December. Hooray for year-round sunshine! I also love that there is always something to do for a study break—go to concerts, food festivals, sporting events, hiking—you name it! I also love that there are so many great places nearby when you want to get out of town, such as Sedona, Flagstaff, California, Tucson and Mexico!