Dr. Barry Taylor: Developing the Art of Being a Healer Course

SCNM students have the opportunity to enroll in Dr. Barry Taylor's four week Developing the Art of Being a Healer course.  

Emotional, mental, spiritual, and social healing is a MUST in the ongoing development of becoming a holistically competent health care practitioner. Learn how to inspire and empower clients to safely engage in a transformative healing process for optimal health and wellness.

The promise of this course is to give you the tools necessary to provide clients with a safe and sacred space to access their innate capacity for healing and growth. This course is designed to create a safe space to support your intimate personal exploration of healing in a way that translates being a practitioner who is EMPOWERED to explore healing with your clients.

Dr. Barry Taylor is a trained naturopathic physician and healer who has practiced medicine since 1978.  Learn more about him here.

Course details:

Cost for full time students is $1,000. Deposit of $100 holds your spot, open to 25 students. 

4-Weekend Course

July 21-23, 2018
October 26-28, 2018
January 11-13, 2019
April 26-28, 2019

Ready to register or have questions? Email drbarry@drbarrytaylor.com or sgapres@scnm.edu.