Research Night at SCNM: Expanding the Frontier

Under the guidance of our Director of Research, Dr. Jeffrey Langland, SCNM students have the opportunity to conduct research studies on topics they are passionate about, ranging from the characterization of botanicals effective against viruses to the effects of prolotherapy on chronic injuries. On February 23rd, 2018, SCNM hosted its Spring Research Night for our students, staff, faculty and local community.

When asked about the importance of the work that the SCNM Research Department is conducting, student presenter Elliot Zyglis told us after the event, “We are standing on the shore of a vast frontier; there is so much within our field that has yet to be probed with the tools of modern science. While naturopathic medicine is increasingly being sought by folks who are not finding healing within the conventional system, the growth of our field will only be enhanced by the publication of an increasing number of scientific studies that can demonstrate the effectiveness of our medicine.”

Thank you to all those who presented at Research Night, and a very special thank you to all those who attended the evening, supporting the inspiring work of our students.

Check back with us later this summer to see when our Fall Research Night will be, and in the meantime, enjoy a few photos from the Spring event!

Click here to learn more about the exicting research our students are doing at SCNM.

Presentations by SCNM students at the Spring 2018 Research Night

Identification of the anti-herpes virus compounds expressed in Melissa officinalis (Lemon balm)
Presenter: Tiffany Turner

Non-enzymatic anti-bacterial activity of honey based on floral origin
Presenter: Elliot Zyglis

Effect of the lipopolysaccharide outer membrane on the activity of anti-bacterial botanicals
Presenter: Johanne Gerstel

Antimicrobial activity of aromatic constituents from essential oils
Presenter: Mareshah Abers

Keynote Address: Programmed cell death in cervical cancer induced by Sarracenia purpurea
Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey Langland


Research 1

Research 2