Student Perspectives: The Benefits to Starting SCNM in the Spring

One of the perks of SCNM is that we offer two start dates per year—one in the spring and one in the fall—and many students love the more intimate feeling of the smaller spring class size.

Second year student, Natalie Napier, tells us that she was ecstatic to begin her journey as soon as she could, so she changed from a fall start to a spring. “Since it is a smaller class, you bond right away with your classmates and I learn better in a smaller environment where I feel comfortable asking questions to the professor and discussing the material with my classmates.”

Being part of a smaller cohort can enable students to embrace the close-knit community spirit at SCNM. “We keep open communication and always share resources with one another to make sure we all succeed through the program together. I unfortunately had a very devastating family emergency happen towards the end of my third quarter of school. I ended up leaving Arizona for about a month, and the only reason why I'm still with my cohort is due to how much work they put into making sure I didn't fall behind,” says second year student Adriana Berusch Gerardino.

With classmates like that, it’s no wonder that students find such incredible support through the rigors of medical school. To anyone considering starting SCNM in the spring, Natalie has this advice: “DO IT! There are so many benefits, including learning and understanding the material in a smaller, intimate group, and a feeling of belonging.”

Inspired to start your application for this spring? We are still accepting applications for April 2018. Email our admissions department for a free transcript pre-evaluation to find out if you qualify! 

Spring is also a great time to visit warm, sunny Arizona, so be sure to check out all the fun things to do in the area!