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Adelante Healthcare Mesa

Adelante Healthcare Mesa
“Along with the rewarding aspect of providing healthcare to people who could otherwise not afford it, we are creating awareness to the public and other health professionals about what naturopathic medicine is and the ways we can work together to help patients.”  - Amy Waite, fourth-year SCNM student, Adelante Healthcare Mesa Student Clinician 

Adelante Healthcare’s mission is to improve the health in underserved communities by providing affordable primary and preventative care for low-income families. Sustainable health care, as they call it, is about treating patients who come into the clinic for assistance, and helping them stay healthy. Their mission aligns perfectly with naturopathic medicine and SCNM’s vision. The Mesa center is one of nine Adelante Clinics throughout the valley.

As a student clinician, you’ll treat referred patients from staffed Adelante physicians. This is a great opportunity to see integrative care in action! You’ll learn to treat patients as part of a team by collaborating with the Adelante physicians.

SCNM students offer pediatric care and adult care at Adelante. Your training will include learning how to provide nutrition and lifestyle counseling, therapies for chronic disease, natural pain treatment, treatment for vitamin deficiencies, treatment for developmental and learning disabilities, and much more. Supplements, prescriptions, basic labs and continued treatment at the SCNM Medical Center are free of charge for patients seen at the clinic.

When serving in community clinics, you see a great variety of illness and chronic health problems due to issues involved with access to care. You’ll examine and treat pathology you might not otherwise see.

Learn more about Adelante Healthcare here.