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The River Source Clinic

The River Source Clinic

The River Source is a comprehensive out-patient care facility for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol-related addictions. River Source's holistic care approach addresses the entire individual – mind, body and spirit. With the core philosophy of treating the individual, naturopathic medicine can effectively heal people and give them a new, fresh take on life.

What exactly does this mean in terms of treatment? The holistic care provided at The River Source is customized to the needs of each client. The journey begins with naturopathic detoxification, where the objective is to remove the toxins from the body while replacing the system with essential vitamins and minerals. To accomplish the detox, practitioners combine dry sauna detox and nutritional IVs. After returning the body to a balanced state, patients have the mental and physical energy to fight their addiction with a clear mind.

SCNM student clinicians provide naturopathic care, including nutritional IV therapy, acupuncture, nutrition, cupping therapy and lifestyle counseling to patients and walk-in patients.

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