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Medical Center

Medical Center

The SCNM Medical Center is a bustling community of naturopathic healing. It is the starting point of your clinical training to become a naturopathic physician.

Our medical center, located on-campus in Tempe, is home to 27 exam rooms: two physical medicine, four hydrotherapy, three acupuncture, two counseling rooms, an IV-therapy suite, two surgery rooms for minor procedures and 13 general purpose rooms. The medical center also includes six classrooms where students and supervising physicians can observe patient interactions via closed-circuit televisions. Each section of the building was thoughtfully constructed following an environmentally friendly design, which includes recycled building materials and non-toxic paint.

The SCNM Medical Center’s in-house lab provides easy access to an array of critical testing. You will find that these diagnostic lab results greatly impact treatment decisions you make as a student clinician. Our advanced hydrotherapy suite features dry saunas, a steam room, constitutional hydrotherapy treatment rooms, and men’s and women’s locker rooms.

In addition, an on-site medicinary carries more than 7,000 products you’ll use when prescribing treatments. These products include dry herbs, vitamins, nutritional supplements, botanical tinctures, and homeopathic remedies. SCNM was also the first ND school to implement an electronic health records (EHR) system, making it possible to integrate modules for practice management, patient care information, and lab operations.

Approximately 15,000 patient visits occur annually at the Medical Center, with patients coming from all across North America. During your final two years at SCNM, you’ll see people of every age, sex, ethnicity and social status while providing them care under the supervision of an attending or resident physician.

The medical center is where your classroom learning meets practical application with patients. In this setting, you will apply your intake and physical diagnosis skills to identify causes of pathology in patients. This may include multiple modalities, such as nutrition, botanical medicine and homeopathy. On some of your rotations, you will evaluate your patients to see if environmental toxins, both current and past, are impacting their health. Pharmacological intervention may be the most appropriate treatment in other cases. You will work with your attending and resident physicians to decide on appropriate laboratory testing and treatment for your patients.

Our clinic sits adjacent to the Community Commons building, which houses a teaching kitchen, café, library, the SCNM Pain Relief Center, the SCNM Medicinary, and other facilities that will offer you unparalleled and fully-integrated educational opportunities in naturopathic medicine.

To learn more about the SCNM Medical Center, visit the home page, email admissions@scnm.edu or call 888.882.7266 to schedule a tour.