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Pain Relief Center

Pain Relief Center

Learn to treat patients using cutting-edge techniques for pain relief.

The Pain Relief Center (PRC) is one of the newest additions to SCNM’s campus. Recognizing that pain is one of the most common reasons that patients seek medical care, SCNM opened the PRC to give patients alternatives and students an unprecedented learning environment to combine traditional and modern therapies.

Examples of these therapies include acupuncture and cupping therapy, manipulation, nutrition, physio-therapies, prolotherapy, cryotherapy, as well as conventional treatments. Through the PRC’s integrative model, you will draw on the knowledge of MDs, NDs, acupuncturists and other providers who have many decades of combined clinical experience.

The clinical reasoning offered in this rich setting will give you with a strong foundation as an ND while also setting you apart from your peers. Many people can learn the mechanics of injecting; we want to teach you the “why,” or in some cases, the “why not.”

The PRC features 10 exam rooms, two counseling rooms, four open bays, one conference room, a fluoroscopy suite with a C-arm fluoroscope, a cryotherapy unit and an on-site medicinary. You’ll learn how the C-arm fluoroscope guides high-level injections, and also how our cryotherapy chamber can treat inflammation and other conditions. SCNM is the only naturopathic medical school with these tools available, and we use them to provide in-depth training you’ll need to fully utilize our wide scope of practice. We're also leading the way in regenerative medicine and injection therapies by allowing students to practice these techniques themselves under a clinician's supervision. 

Like our medical center, the PRC was constructed using recycled building materials and non-toxic paint while maintaining a low carbon footprint through energy-efficient building systems. It also utilizes our electronic health records (EHR) system, integrating modules for practice management, patient information and care, lab and medicinary operations.

You’ll see many patients who come to our PRC when conventional medicine is not helping them, or when they hope to get off prescription medications and avoid surgery. At the PRC, you’ll work with patients who suffer from chronic pain like degenerative joint disease or sports injuries, or who struggle with acute pain resulting from a car crash or work-related injury.

Between the PRC and Medical Center, more than 40 physicians and almost 200 clinical students work with thousands of patients annually. You’ll spend your final two years in the centers providing patient care under the direct supervision of a physician.

To learn more about the SCNM Pain Relief Center, visit the home page, email admissions@scnm.edu or call 888.882.7266 to schedule a tour.