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Scope of Practice

The legal aspects of practicing naturopathic medicine vary from state to state in the United States and from province to province in Canada. NDs in the state of Arizona benefit from a large scope of practice. And, as an SCNM student, you’ll benefit from studying and training in Arizona as you’ll learn and practice every naturopathic therapy, including acupuncture.

During your clinical training in the SCNM Medical Center, Pain Relief Center, community clinics and extended-site clerkships, you’ll see 500 patients. Every patient and treatment plan is unique - you’ll be trained to assess an individual’s current health and future goals and to use the entire naturopathic tool kit for treatment. To be effective, most treatment plans encompass a multitude of therapies. And, in Arizona, you’ll have extensive experience in all modalities.

What Does This Mean for Your Future? 

You’ll learn, practice and become skilled at using all the naturopathic therapies at SCNM. Once you graduate, your knowledge will empower you to pursue your dream career. If you choose to go into family practice, focus on certain conditions, or specialize in your favorite therapies, you’ll be prepared with the most broad and comprehensive education and training.