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H. Garrett Thompson DC, PhD

VP of Academic Affairs

Dr. Thompson is Vice President of Academic Affairs at SCNM.  Dr. Thompson serves the community and health care professions by volunteering to serve on the board of directors of the American Holistic Health Association.  He is also a workgroup member for the Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health, and Secretary of the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education.

Dr. Thompson has researched a number of human pathologies including breast cancer, asthma, and bone diseases.  His multi-disciplinary approach has resulted in publications in the fields of bioinformatics, cell biology, tissue engineering, and interprofessional education.  Additionally, he has authored a textbook on biochemistry, as well as a chapter on alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse in the textbook Introduction to Public Health for Chiropractors and a chapter on endocrinology in the textbook Naturopathic and Integrative Family Medicine.  He has been recognized with numerous accolades for his teaching and leadership.  Dr. Thompson resides in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ.


Medical Education Leadership

Other Interests

Health and Wellness, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Integrative Medicine


  • B.A. (Biology) – Reed College, Portland, OR
  • Ph.D. (Biochemistry) – Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA.
  • D.C. (Chiropractic) – Southern California University of Health Sciences, Whittier, CA

Select Publications

  • Kadar GE & Thompson HG. (In press). Metabolic and Endocrine Dysfunction. In: Integrative Family Medicine. El’Hashemy S. (Ed). CCNM Press.
  • Kadar GE, Thompson HGR, O’Toole E & Kilgore D. (In preparation). Advancing nutrition education through a single interprofessional education intervention.
  • Kadar GE, Thompson HG. (2017). Obesity bias among pre-clinical and clinical chiropractic students and faculty at an integrative health care institution: a cross-sectional study. Journal of Chiropractic Education (Accepted)
  • Kadar GE & Thompson HGR. (2017). Clinical management of obesity. Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists. Soon to be available at:
  • Kadar GE, Thompson HG. (2017). Assumed or Assessed? The affective domain in healthcare education. Journal of Nutritional Health & Food Engineering. 6(4):00207
  • Henriksen M, Zeifman M, Thompson HGR, Beasleigh S, Byrd-Vaughn M, Carino J, Clark B, Connor K, Degroot N, El-Hashemy S, Geyer MK, Guiltinan J, Johnson J, Mitchell J, Olehausen J, Prenguber M, Sanders J, Scotten D, Staruch A & Yanez J. (2015). AANMC Professional Competencies of the Graduating Naturopathic Physician. MedEdPublish. 5:5.
  • Kadar GE, Vosko A, Sackett M & Thompson HGR. (2014). Perceptions of interprofessional education and practice at a CAM institution. Journal of Interprofessional Care. Oct 7, 1-3.
  • Thompson HG. (2009). Biochemistry in a Nutshell: NBCE Part I Board Review. Lulu Press. Available at:


  • Global Forum for Education and Learning, Top 100 Leaders in Education 2021-2022