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Life as a ND

Life as a ND

Join a growing profession. 

The decision to attend a naturopathic medical college, and the rigorous course of study that comes with it, is often life-changing. As with any healthcare profession, becoming a naturopathic doctor requires dedication and a commitment to pursue your dreams while making a difference in people’s lives.

What sets the naturopathic medical field apart, however, is the growing awareness that doctors not only heal, but also teach and advocate for the medicine as well. Naturopathic doctors are leading the healthcare community in a direction that focuses on preventive care, nutritional education, natural treatments and the ability to empower patients to take their health into their own hands. At SCNM, you will develop the skills needed to change healthcare and help people in all walks of life. What could be more rewarding?

SCNM’s top-notch education, along with a growing public demand for complementary and alternative medicine, allows you to embrace your inner-trailblazer. You can forge an innovative career on your own terms, and also develop a work/life balance of which most professions could only dream. Whether you choose to open your own private clinical practice, work in an integrative healthcare setting, or work in corporate wellness (just to name a few), you will be well-served by SCNM’s strong medical background and supportive community. From networking opportunities to our dedicated career services department, the naturopathic community in Arizona creates the perfect place to obtain your degree—just ask our successful alumni. They will tell you the opportunities for SCNM graduates are limitless.

Results from a recent survey show a strong majority of naturopathic medical professionals feel successful in their careers (AANMC, 2016). This is no surprise, as enterprising NDs are trained to use their expertise and gifts to create a life of purpose and value. Read on to find out what career options are available for naturopathic doctors, and get ready to turn your passion for health into an incredible career!           

  • Private Practice Careers

    Are you an entrepreneur and visionary with a strong business sense? Then you will excel at creating a living in private practice.

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  • Careers in Integrative Medicine

    Many conventional medical practices include naturopathic doctors for collaboration in patient-centered care and revolutionary research.

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  • Public Health Careers

    Are you passionate about giving back to your community or helping people on a global scale? Whether working with non-profits or in private practice, there are many opportunities to promote community health and provide healing to those who need it most.

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  • Non-clinical Careers

    Do you see yourself as a teacher, researcher or writer working in a non-clinical healthcare setting? Then you don’t have to look far, as you will find some of our alumni working as professors in academia, corporate wellness consultants, or researchers for nutraceutical companies.

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  • Where Can I Practice?

    As conventional medicine continues to embrace the enduring truths of naturopathy, more states are poised to enshrine naturopathic physicians in their laws and regulations. Where licensure has yet to arrive, naturopathic physicians enjoy a robust entrepreneurial practice amidst one of the most dynamic times health care has ever experienced.

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  • Licensing Examinations

    As a graduate of the SCNM Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree program, you will be uniquely prepared to sit for the Naturopathic Physician Licensing Examinations as administered by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners.

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  • Alumni Resources