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Careers in Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine

Collaborate with doctors of all types and create a patient-focused career.

Do you have a fervent desire to change the face of healthcare? Do you want to bring natural and holistic therapies to conventional (allopathic) medical settings? Conventional medical practices now include naturopathic doctors for collaboration in patient-centered care and revolutionary research. We are now seeing how well naturopathic medicine fits into conventional healthcare settings, such as hospital-based environments around the country, even in states that don’t regulate NDs.

Naturopathic physicians continue to educate allopathic medical providers on the benefits of naturopathic medicine, and the results are proving to be profound. Patients are receiving safer, more holistic treatments, while doctors are able to team up to ensure natural supplements are working properly with other medications. Patients who hadn’t heard of naturopathic medicine previously are now seeing the incredible clinical results that changes in diet and lifestyle, paired with natural treatment options, can bring about.

Modeling best industry practices, SCNM has created an integrative pain relief center—the first of its kind for any ND school. Working jointly with conventional healthcare providers and incorporating naturopathic medicine will help you use your education to truly change medicine from within. This also allows you to make a difference in the rapidly growing field of integrative healthcare, as more people seek holistic therapies in conjunction with conventional treatment. We have alumni working in several integrative settings, including Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Yale School of Medicine, Mayo Clinics and many urgent care facilities.

  • John Oertle crop.jpg

    Dr. John Oertle

    As a child, Dr. Oertle was diagnosed with type I diabetes and abruptly thrown into the field of medicine; however, he describes this diagnosis as a blessing because it encouraged him to learn about the human body and how it works.

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  • John A Robinson image crop.jpg

    Dr. John A. Robinson

    Dr. John A Robinson is known as a leading expert in hormone replacement therapy—and for good reason. During the past decade, he has trained in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) with subcutaneous pellets.

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  • Dr. Michael Walker resize.jpg

    Dr. Michael Walker

    After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Yale University, Dr. Michael Walker graduated from SCNM and set out to start his career as an ND with a focus in integrative oncology.

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