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Licensing Examinations

Licensing Examinations

After graduating from SCNM, you have to pass the NPLEX exams to practice. The NPLEX exams are international examinations testing you for the general knowledge - basic sciences, diagnostic and therapeutic subjects and clinical sciences - required to practice in licensed states and Canadian provinces.

You are required to have knowledge of the full scope of naturopathic medicine. In states that regulate licensure of naturopathic physicians, you are required to take and pass both the NPLEX Part I – Biomedical Science and Part II - Core Clinical Science Examination. Also, depending on where you choose to practice, you may be required to take and pass the NPLEX Part II – Clinical Elective Examinations to be eligible for licensure in some jurisdictions.

24 of 26 first time SCNM test takers passed the NPLEX Part I in February 2017. This is a 92% pass rate, outpacing the 77% average pass rate of all 9 naturopathic schools.  SCNM's prior round of scores was also quite strong.  In August 2016, 85% of 62 first time test takers passed the NPLEX Part I.

More About the Exams

Part I – Biomedical Science Examination

Students take this exam upon completion of all biomedical science coursework. Students must pass this exam and graduate from an ND school before moving onto the NPLEX Part II – Clinical Science Examinations.

Part II – Clinical Science Examinations and PART II – Core Science Examination

Every licensed state and province requires that you pass the NPLEX Part II – Core Clinical Science Examination and the Part II – Core Science Examination.

Part II – Clinical Elective Examinations

Some states and provinces require graduates to pass either or both NPLEX Part II – Clinical Elective Examinations in Minor Surgery and Acupuncture, or to take additional examinations administered by a regulatory authority.

For more information on NPLEX exams, individual state requirements and the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE), the accrediting body, please visit www.nabne.org.