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Private Practice Careers

Private Practice Careers

Make a name for yourself in the naturopathic medical field.

Are you an entrepreneur and visionary with a strong business sense? Then you will excel at creating a living in private practice. SCNM offers business classes and business plan models—plus networking opportunities with alumni and other business professionals—to put students on the right track to develop a thriving practice of their own. When you open your own practice, you can choose which therapies you will use to treat patients, what your work hours will be, and whether to focus primarily on a nature-cure model of healing or a more integrative approach.

If you prefer to work for someone else, those opportunities abound as well in naturopathic medicine. More than 50 percent of our graduates join an already established clinical practice when they first start out. In fact, they often have a job or residency lined up before they graduate. Our one-of-a-kind employment resource, NDjoblink.com, helps students easily find their dream jobs.

These clinical settings usually involve working with other NDs or holistic practitioners (such as chiropractors, acupuncturists or physical therapists), and seeing patients for any number of chronic health conditions. While it is not necessary to specialize in one area, many NDs choose to focus on certain areas, such as women’s health, men’s health, pediatrics, pain relief or sports medicine. In this way, you are free to pursue the kind of medicine or modality combination that most interests you.

This is certainly the most popular and rewarding path that our graduates pursue, and one that allows them to grow on many levels on a daily basis—both as a person and a healer. Feel free to read their stories for yourself. The SCNM alumni featured below are just a few of our successful graduates making a name for themselves in the growing field of naturopathic medicine.  

  • Jen Bahr.jpg

    Dr. Jennifer Bahr

    In the middle of studying for the MCAT, Dr. Jennifer Bahr stumbled upon an article introducing her to naturopathic medicine. From there, she knew it was fate.

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  • DrB.jpg

    Dr. Alan Bradford

    Dr. Bradford worked as a scribe in the ER, where he saw a real need for high-quality primary care.

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  • Dr. Fontaine.jpg

    Dr. De Adrea Fontaine

    Dr. Fontaine is competent in all areas of general medicine because her training has taught her to address the cause of disease.

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  • crop.jpg

    Dr. Rebecca Ford

    As a naturopathic doctor, certified clinical nutritionist and registered nurse, Dr. Rebecca Ford possesses a unique set of credentials that shapes the way she works with patients. 

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  • Alumni Successes_Steven-Katz

    Dr. Steven Katz

    Dr. Katz's favorite part of being a naturopathic doctor is the reaction on his patients’ faces when they recover from pain and problems they have experienced for decades.

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  • Sarah1 (1).jpg

    Dr. Sarah Kotzur

    Dr. Sarah Kotzur recognizes the importance of having fun while journeying with patients toward better health.

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  • Nina crop.jpg

    Dr. Nina Manipon

    For Dr. Manipon, the "total SCNM experience" helped her develop and run a thriving practice.  

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  • Dr Alexandra Mayer.jpg

    Dr. Alexandra Mayer

    Though she wasn't sure what her focus would be while attending ND school, Dr. Mayer always knew she wanted to open her own practice.

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  • Alumni Successes_Brendan-McCarthy

    Dr. Brendan McCarthy

    Dr. McCarthy's philosophy is "When a patient walks in, you need to think, how can I be of service to this person and what do I need to do to make this person whole?" 

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  • jennifer-nevels.jpg

    Dr. Jennifer Nevels

    There were many things that led Dr. Nevels down the path to become a naturopathic doctor. Everything clicked for her when she was a psychology student at the University of Arizona and working as a dialysis technician.

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  • Tonyelle Russell 2.jpg

    Dr. Tonyelle Russell

    Despite only graduating in 2013, Dr. Russell has amassed an impressive number of achievements and publications.

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  • Dr Michael Smith 2012 lg.jpg

    Dr. Michael Smith

    After graduating, Dr. Smith decided to open a practice in an unlicensed state, North Carolina. The response has been overwhelming. There's a need for NDs in unlicensed states and few NDs to provide naturopathic medical care. 

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  • Alumni Successes_Adrienne-Stewart

    Dr. Adrienne Stewart

    Dr. Stewart watched her mom suffer with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. She realized the doctors weren't treating the cause of her mother's illness. This eye-opening experience drew her to naturopathic medicine. 

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  • Dr. Strom crop.jpg

    Dr. Mark Strom

    Dr. Mark Strom has been playing an integral part in the shifting scene surrounding sports medicine. In 2015, the National Football League (NFL)’s Arizona Cardinals invited Dr. Strom to join its medical staff during the team’s most successful season to date.

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  • Tamburri.jpg

    Dr. Phranq Tamburri

    Before pursuing a career in medicine, Dr. Phranq Tamburri studied economics and predicted that naturopathy would help him build a successful, lucrative career.

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  • Dr. Krystal Tellier crop.jpg

    Dr. Krystal Tellier

    Naturopathic medicine has not only provided Dr. Tellier with expertise in medicine, but also furthered her values in healthy living that started out from such a young age.

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  • OTC_NashaWinters crop for newsletter.jpg

    Dr. Nasha Winters

    Dr. Winters has created a successful career helping cancer patients heal their bodies after treatments, investigate the underlying causes of their cancer and implement a diet and lifestyle to help prevent recurrence.

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  • Dr. Sorr souls image photography (1 of 2).jpg

    Dr. Steven Sorr

    Dr. Sorr specializes in both regenerative and functional medicine at his successful Scottsdale practice.

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