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Dr. Alan Bradford

"I was sold on SCNM after I attended a ‘Student for a Day’ at the school."

What led you to pursue a career in naturopathic medicine?

Dr. Bradford: I didn’t know I wanted to pursue the naturopathic route until I attended a career fair at Arizona State University (ASU). I started preparing to apply to medical schools. I was chatting with a few friends who had pursued the traditional MD career path, and learned that nutrition and the “food as medicine” belief system didn’t really exist (or at least, wasn’t a major focus) in traditional medical education.

After attending an SCNM career fair and speaking with a school representative, I was shocked that a school like this existed. I could practice medicine AND keep nutrition as a core component of my healing modalities. It blew my mind. I never stopped thinking about that conversation. I was sold on SCNM after I attended a “Student for a Day” at the school.

What was your personal health “aha” moment that got you started on a journey toward personal wellness?

Dr. Bradford: Once I graduated from ASU, I worked in the emergency room (ER) as a scribe. I would take notes as doctors saw patients. In this observational role, I got to take in the “big picture.” I saw so many unmanaged chronic conditions that didn’t need to end up in the ER. There was a lot of abdominal pain and uncontrolled diabetes. I saw a real need for high-quality primary care. Patients needed a resource from start to finish, and I wanted to provide this for them.

What are the top conditions that you see and treat on a regular basis?

Dr. Bradford: I regularly treat fatigue, pain, digestive issues and insufficient hormones in men.

What’s the biggest health “win” or “oh yeah!” moment you’ve encountered with a patient, that made you proud of pursuing naturopathic medicine?

Dr. Bradford: A patient had been diabetic for a while and had been on prescription Metformin for years. Before anything else, we discussed her diet, and transitioned her onto a standard “diabetic-friendly” way of eating. She emailed me one week after her appointment, ecstatic, because she had never seen her blood sugar that low before. It was so rewarding because we didn’t have to increase her Metformin, add another drug or place her on any supplements to see her health improve. We addressed the food and beverages she was putting into her body. Since then, we’ve started a few natural supplements tailored to her plan and she’s only getting better from there.

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