Danielle Wavra

Danielle Wavra


Second year


 Crookston, Minnesota

Favorite thing about SCNM:

 All of the wonderful opportunities, being surrounded by such amazing and knowledgeable people, and the outstanding research that is being done here.

Favorite restaurant or hangout near campus:

I was introduced to pitaya bowls from Kaleidoscope Juice when I moved out to AZ and I absolutely love them! However, on a ‘cheat day’ Oregano’s Pizza Bistro is my favorite – they have a bomb Guaca-tony and pizookie!

Campus involvement:

 In addition to recently becoming Student Ambassador, I am the Student Advocate of my class, a volunteer for Natural Advantage, a peer mentor, a member of the Applied Kinesiology Club, and a member of the outstanding research team!

Something unique about you:

 I was born and raised in a ‘frozen tundra’. I am from the Northwest corner of Minnesota where it can get to -50 ˚F!

Modality/population area of interest:

 I am still open to everything and trying to learn as much as I can about every modality in hopes that I will find the ones that resonate with me the best. Right now, I am looking more into homeopathy, applied kinesiology, nutrition, oriental medicine, biofeedback microcurrent, and pranic healing.

Why you love naturopathic medicine:

 I love naturopathic medicine because it simply makes sense to me in the way that we approach medicine. I absolutely love the opportunities we are presented with in this field because I know in the future I am going to be able to help several people using many different modalities, creating the best individualized care for each person. I am excited to be able to help keep all my loved ones healthy!

What you love about Arizona:

 I love the weather down here. I am an outdoors person and love to be doing anything and everything outside as much as possible. It is tough to do that all year in MN… unless I want to freeze my butt off! I do miss all of the green and trees but I don’t hate having perfect weather every day.