Neha Kaushik

Neha Kaushik


Second Year


Weston, CT

Favorite thing about SCNM

I love the community feel and the energizing atmosphere at SCNM. The student body as a whole and administration are very welcoming. Additionally, the school offers various opportunities to gain knowledge about different modalities and techniques.

Favorite restaurant or hangout near campus

My favorite places to eat are Pomegranate Café (vegan) and Thai Spices.

Campus involvement

NMSA president elect, Student Ambassador, Ayush Herbs Representative, AANP Student Representative, Naturopathic Society, Naturopaths Without Borders. 

Something unique about you

I was born in India and raised in the Southeast and Northeast regions of the US for equal parts of my life. 

Modality/population area of interest

I am open and looking forward to learning about different modalities as I continue my education here; however, at the moment I am interested in Ayurveda, Oriental Medicine, Physical medicine, Botanicals, and Homeopathy.

Why you love naturopathic medicine

I love naturopathic medicine because of its core principles. It embodies everything that I believe should be provided when caring for another individual. It is not bound by any protocol but rather combining different modalities to provide individualized care.

What you love about Arizona

I love every aspect of Arizona! I love the weather and access to nature here. I love that I can be hiking or be able to immerse myself in nature by just driving 15 minutes at the least to get to mountain. Additionally, I like to take time and go around the state to explore beautiful places like Sedona.