Samantha Levy

Samantha Levy


First year


St. Catherine, Jamaica

Favorite thing about SCNM

Definitely the people here at SCNM! This community is filled with individuals who are open and welcoming, people are invested in both your success and wellbeing.

Favorite restaurant or hangout near campus

Downtown Tempe/Mill Ave - there are a wide variety of things to do here day and night and it’s only about 10 minutes away from campus.  There are hiking trails at A mountain, two movie theaters, one of which has discounted tickets, dining options to fit any budget, clothing stores, live music and so much more.

Campus involvement

Class Vice President, Student Ambassador, Physiology TA

Something unique about you

I love the violin

Modality/population area of interest

Very interested in working internationally, but I haven’t decided on my preferred modality.

Why you love naturopathic medicine

Naturopathic medicine is the embodiment of a movement that has the potential to greatly improve our healthcare system. Patients aren’t just a sum of their symptoms and in this field the aim is to improve the health person as a whole by treating the root cause, not just suppressing their symptoms.

What you love about Arizona

Arizona is very scenic and there are a lot of places near that are worth exploring.