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Corporate Wellness

Bringing Better Health to the Workplace, Naturally

Become a corporate wellness professional today! Join this rapidly growing field helping others achieve well-being both in and outside the workplace. As a corporate wellness professional, you can help bring health and wellness to a large population in the place they spend a significant portion of their time: at work.

The field of corporate wellness concentrates on engaging and encouraging employees and their families to make behavior changes that minimize health risks and optimize work environments. In this 165 hour, 100% online program, you will learn how to: work with senior management, design and implement technology and organizational infrastructure, recruit external vendors and much more.

Why you should enroll

In-demand position: Individuals who specialize in corporate wellness are needed in higher education, preventative health care, wellness consulting, community health care, wellness coaching, government agencies and private corporations.

Relevant curriculum: Whatever your specialty (human resource professional, health insurance professional, safety personnel, practitioner or researcher), this corporate wellness program will provide valuable insight and practical steps for understanding and applying the newest concepts in workplace wellness.

A different approach to well-being: You will learn from established leaders in the integrative healthcare field and how you can positively impact employee performance by using a whole-person approach to health and well-being.

You can become a vital part of the success of companies by creating new healthy habits for employees and positively impacting their performance. This results in the high demand for individuals with a specialty in corporate wellness.

Developed by experts in the field: The modules in this program have been developed by experts in natural medicine that have experience in corporate wellness.

Meet The Developers

Program Overview

What you’ll learn: The state of health in U.S. and the connection between health and the workplace.
What you’ll do: Determine the wellness needs of a corporation.

What you’ll learn: How today’s lifestyle trends are impacting work performance and vice versa.
What you’ll do: Apply research about nutrition and wellness to create individualized programs.

What you’ll learn: How to design a program from the ground up using innovative tools and resources.
What you’ll do: Design a corporate wellness program from start to finish.

What you’ll learn: Strategies for using technology to drive corporate wellness outcomes.
What you’ll do: Develop a corporate wellness technology plan.

What you’ll learn: The essential factors required to develop and sustain a culture of health and well-being at any organization.
What you’ll do: Evaluate organizational support from a wellbeing perspective.

Program Specifics

5 modules: Teach you the principles and practice of corporate wellness from an integrative healthcare perspective.

100% online: Online courses offer the flexibility to learn when it’s most convenient for you.

Self-paced: Progress through the courses as fast or as slowly as you want.

Competency based: Completion will be based on your ability to perform the competencies and tasks necessary to being a corporate wellness practitioner, not amount of time spent in class. Your success will be based on what you know and what you can do.

Program cost: $1,995.00