Research at SCNM

The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine is a leader in the field of botanical research, providing the results of critical findings that will forward the availability of life-changing practices and medicinal. Dr. Jeffery Langland, chairman of the department of research at SCNM, has been conducting multiple studies on the benefits of botanics for several years and is an expert in the history of natural healing citing proven uses for currently under supported by all of the medical community.

The SCNM Center for Integrative Naturopathic Research

The SCNM Center for Integrative Naturopathic Research explores the understanding of plants' role as medicines, and pursues improved therapies for global health concerns including viral diseases, antibiotic resistant bacteria, fungal infections, immune disorders and cancer. Advanced facilities, in collaboration with affiliated institutions, afford faculty and students the resources to conduct cellular and molecular biology and laboratory-based research activities that can be further translated into clinical trials at SCNM and with partner institutions.