Meet SGA 2017!


Organization Name: Student Government Association

Purpose: The Student Government Association of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine was founded with the purpose of fostering the highest quality academic, professional and social life for students at SCNM. SGA is committed to the continued pursuit of raising the standard of naturopathic medicine through all of its diverse endeavors.

Activity/responsibility: SGA serves as the student interface to administration, faculty and the board of trustees; we are involved in alumni and community events; we oversee registered student organizations; and we are involved in committees such as the Curriculum Committee and the Tuition & Fees Committee.

Members of 2017 SGA executive board:
President: Jamil Sayegh (Q12)
VP of SGA: Marcus Shams (Q12)
Board of Trustees Representative: Dharti Patel (Q12)
VP of Clinical Affairs: Robyn Wright (Q12)
VP of Finance: Kristina Yost (Q12)
VP of Communication: Alexxa Wirth (Q10)
VP of Alumni Relations: Chelsea Green (Q8)
VP of Clubs: Julia Feindt (Q4)
Secretary: Sasha Mathews (Q8)