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Botanical and Nutritional Medicine Club

At SCNM, you can live one of the principles of naturopathic medicine “the healing power of nature” through the Botanical and Nutriotional Medicine Club also known as “The BOT Club.” As a member of the BOT Club, you will gain a better understanding of the art and science behind using medicinal plants in naturopathic practice.

The Botanical and Nutrional Medicine Club’s membership includes a vibrant mix of passionate gardeners, hikers, botanists, and students who have a passion for plants. In the upcoming year, we are planning many trips including visits to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, and many other local destinations including nurseries and hiking trails. We also plan on holding multiple lunchtime talks. We hope that when you embark on your naturopathic journey at SCNM you choose to be a member of The BOT Club!

BOT club harvests herbs in SCNM's Garden for teas and tinctures available in our medicinary! They also conduct plant based research from here!

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