Naturopathic Society

The Naturopathic Society is devoted to preserving and maintaining the philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine as it relates to nature cure and adherence to natural laws. We firmly believe that nature offers the answers and solutions necessary to achieve and maintain optimal health. We acknowledge the complexity of disease states yet address them with simplicity and common sense, utilizing elements such as the therapeutic order. We’re passionate about our education and often host guest speakers and workshops to further out training in specific Naturopathic modalities. We embrace the medical and technological advances of our time and strive to create balance between the modern world and our founding Naturopathic principles.

Our Purpose

The Naturopathic Society commits to preserve, promote and enhance the understanding of naturopathic philosophy and its history. Our purpose is to develop a curriculum for the further training of our student body in other modalities as part of the therapeutic order.

Membership Benefits

If you’re looking for an edge in the marketplace after you graduate and are serious about your education, join our group! As a member, you will have the opportunity to pursue extra training in various therapies and protocols. You’ll receive discounted prices on seminars and workshops as an incentive to pursue extra education and hands-on learning opportunities. Our members often receive precedence for workshops, seminars and specialty training.