Sports Medicine Club

The SCNM Sports Medicine Club is an organization that brings together the principles, practices and practitioners of naturopathic medicine and sports medicine.  The goal of our club is to enhance student knowledge of sports medicine, provide students the opportunity to volunteer at athletic events, and help students gain experience providing care to athletes.  Additionally, we work to promote naturopathic medicine in the local community, establish connections with health care professionals in the sports medicine field, and apply the principles of naturopathic medicine in the context of sport medicine.

Our Vision

We strive to strengthen the integration between naturopathic medicine and sports medicine by hosting conferences, seminars, and educational events.  We are determined to develop a platform where students can learn about, and develop expertise in, various modalities including stretching, massage, trigger point therapy, kinesiotaping, sports nutrition, corrective exercise, preventative medicine, and naturopathic manipulation, and apply them in a sports medicine setting.  The Sports Medicine Club hopes to leave a long-lasting legacy where students can prepare themselves for their future and establish themselves as health care leaders in the world of sports medicine.

Member Benefits

If you are passionate about sports medicine and promoting naturopathic medicine, then the SCNM Sports Medicine Club is the perfect club for you! Membership for students is free, and student members are eligible to attend meetings, conferences, seminars and events held under the dominion of the SCNM Sports Medicine Club.  For the latest updates on events, meetings, and additional information about our club, you can follow us on Facebook.