Writer's Guild

The Writer’s Guild provides a forum to share information and viewpoints with the student body as well as staff. We currently have spaces dedicated to what is current at SCNM specifically as well as a nutritional corner and articles on what is going on in the Naturopathic community. We like to highlight a faculty member each quarter so students can get to know the instructors as people, not just the person they see four hours a week. The Writer’s Guild is a club where students can perfect their writing skills and be a part of producing the quarterly newsletter. Some may want to write articles or books later in their careers and some may not. But having that skill in your toolbox is a good thing, as you never know when you may need it. All students are able to submit an article for publication in the newsletter and, depending on space and cost, we will do our best to publish your piece as soon as possible after submission. Joining is easy and we welcome input from all our members about content and where we would like the club to go in the future