Career Service

We'll help make your dream your reality. 

The SCNM Career Services Center provides resources and assistance in identifying what your priorities are so you can take hold of your naturopathic dream. We’ll help you make your dream a reality by mapping out what you need to do during school to get you there.

The Career Services Center is an empowerment center giving you the structured and informed guidance you need - your success is our goal.

For our students and the profession, SCNM offers the largest database of ND job opportunities in North America with In fact, we post an average of 110 positions a month on

To support you in reaching your career goals, we also:

  • Inform you of professional networking opportunities
  • Teach you how to network
  • Provide you information and statistics about the profession
  • Teach you how present yourself professionally to doctors with CV creation and cover letters
  • Guide you through the interview process and coach you in approaching physicians
  • Offer inspiring, educational weekly career seminars on how to become successful NDs given by successful alumni


  Summer 2016 Summer 2015 Summer 2014 Summer 2013 Summer 2012 Summer 2011
Employment Rate 61% 74% 75% 57% 85% 65%
  Employment Rate
Summer 2016 61% 
Summer 2015  74%
 Summer 2014
 Summer 2013  57%
 Summer 2012
 Summer 2011

SCNM employment rates are proof these strategies are working. In fact, seven out of 10 summer graduates have positions prior to graduating.

This is a lifelong service and is available to prospective students, current students and alumni. To speak with the director of career services, Joanna Hagan, call 480.222.9311 or email     

For the purposes of this report, employment/employed refers to the total number of people gainfully employed or working.